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1.BICV has more than 800 R&D engineers. The core personnel of the enterprise come from the BDS key enterprises, global TIER1 and ICT leading enterprises.
2.The proportion of annual R&D investment continued to exceed 10%.
3.Have Intelligent cockpit Full stack and full domain technology,high-accuracy positioning technology,fusion domain control technology,ect.
4.With PLM,ALM and other system management,Passed CMMI L3、ASPICE L2、ISO26262 and other certifications.
5.It has more than 400 intellectual property rights authorizations, more than 60 invention patents, and more than 100 new patent applications in the year, and continues to grow.
6.It was selected as a provincial enterprise technology center and an excellent provincial engineering technology research center, and stake in the national innovation center of intelligent and connected vehicles and continued to carry out technical cooperation.
7.In the future, the R & D capacity will be improved by introducing high-level talents, carrying out industry university research cooperation, and employing external experts.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Patent Of Utility Model Patent Of Invention Design Patent Software Copyright
Number 114 30 51 355