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Three types of central control OBU, all-in-one machine, IVI and DA, can be selected. Hardware planning covers the full serial platform products of I.MX8, I.MX6, AC8215 and Accordo5 from high level to low level, the layout of software platform is Android, Linux and QNX systems, and products are positioned for various models.

Hardware platform

  • Traditional functions

    radio, multimedia entertainment, navigation, mobile phone interconnection, speech recognition, reversing video, reversing radar, blind area display, reversing dynamic track line, FOTA upgrade

  • High functional extension

    It can perform three-screen interaction with the instrument and HUD, support 360 panorama, DVR function, face recognition and gesture recognition, and integrate TBOX function.

  • Multi-ecological resources

    It supports mainstream ecological resources of BAT and so on, such as Tencent Map, Tencent Voice Recognition, Tencent Radio, QQ Music, Kuwo Music, WeChat, Baidu Brain, dianping.com and Ximalaya Radio, and online news, weather, stock inquiry and other life services.

  • Effective security authentication

    Baidu security system authentication, proprietary hardware encryption algorithm, certificate and key storage mechanism, and communication mechanism with the background for two-way authentication.

  • TBOX built-in

    Based on the main line of on-board host and TBOX two mature products, the Company has realized the all-in-one machine solution integrating TBOX functions into the on-board host, independent sub-function modules and power management strategies, combined with hardware encryption algorithm to ensure safe and reliable functions, and achieved a commercial foothold with the characteristics of super-high performance-price ratio.

Typical users

  • For more than 10 years, we have been providing hardware and software products and services including DA, IVI, all-in-one, t-box, display screen, Intelligent cockpit (Domain controller) and other self-owned brands such as changan, geely, baic, chery, jiangling new energy, etc., and taking the lead in the industry to realize the front-end application of technologies such as network terminal, mobile phone mapping, and dual-mike noise reduction






    New Ben Ben electric car



    Emgrand million


    Emgrand EV - 2016

    Emgrand hybrid

    Emgrand ec7-16/17 / overseas edition


    Baic Shenbao X55

    Suzuki: SX4

    Jiangling X2

    Mazda 3



  • Provide DVD+BD/GPS dual-mode navigation, DA, IVI, TBOX and other products and services for saic Volkswagen, skoda, gm wuling, etc

    Shanghai VW/Sikeda

    Mingrui: DVD+BD/GPS dual mode navigation

    Santana, lavida, POLO, tiguan, touran

    Lamando: MP5+ beidou /GPS dual-mode navigation

    Kodiak: MP5+ beidou /GPS dual mode navigation

    New Yeti: MP5+ beidou /GPS dual mode navigation

    New touran: 9-inch entertainment system




  • Provide Da, IVI for GM / Suzuki in South America and Ford in Brazil

    South American general motors/suzuki

    D-MAX Chevrolet

    SAIL Chevrolet

    AVEO EMOTION Chevrolet

    GRAN VITARA Suzuki

    Brazil's ford